When it comes to improving one’s health and fitness, the most impactful decision is to look for help from the right coach. Our personal trainers are super friendly, enthusiastic and passionate. If you enjoy training but lack the knowledge or experience to take your training and body to the next level, our trainers are definitely equipped with the right knowledge to help you with your fitness journey.

Why Personal Training?

  • They help you achieve your goals quicker
  • They will definitely motivate you
  • They can prevent injuries
  • They're always by your side, so you can't slack

Hour long sessions

Our Personal Training sessions typically last for one hour. From past experiences, one hour is plenty enough of a time to include the main aspects of training – Warm Up, Work Out and Cooling Down. Our trainers can focus on the real work and get you the results you want with maximum efficiency!



FARREEZ’s affinity for sports propelled him to enter the fitness industry. His passion and determination pushed him to upgrade his skills and emerge as one of the most sought-after trainers. He subscribes to the belief of educating people, providing them with the framework, on top of their motivation, to change their lives positively.


OLIVIA has been in the industry since 2012
and is one hell of an athlete.
Not only has she been a competitive basketball player for almost a decade, she also trains religiously in Mixed Martial Arts.



NAZRI has been training and competing for martial arts for more than 10 years. He started training Muay Thai at 18 years old as a hobby and a way to get physically and mentally tougher. It was only a matter of time before he had the first fight that he has found a passion for martial arts. He is currently a national wrestler and pankration fighter and also fights professional MMA.

FARREEZ specializes in:
Sports and conditioning
Speed and agility training
Body fat reduction and toning
Strength and core training
Fitness assessment/Monitoring

OLIVIA specializes in:
Functional Training
Aerobic Conditioning
Western Boxing
Sports Performance


NAZRI specializes in:
Muay Thai


Words from our awesome clients.

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